Valentine’s Day Dance Ideas

Thinking of having a Valentine’s Day Dance? E-How shares some dance ideas that are sure to make everyone get into the Valentine’s Day spirit!


Dance Ideas

  • Begin with working on the theme. Either get more specific with your Valentine’s Day Dance or stick with the traditional theme.

    For example, theme ideas can be a Singles’ Valentine’s Day Dance. Fill this dance with activities that encourages mingling and meeting new people.

    Throw a Famous Couples in History Dance where dates are encouraged to coordinate and dress in costume. For example, couples can show up as Romeo and Juliet or Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

    You can also look into movies and literature for inspiration. Base your theme on ‘Twilight’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Casablanca’, or another movie.

    Another theme could be the ‘King and Queen of Hearts’ party. If you’re in high school, you can also elect a king and queen for the court.

    Base your Valentine’s Day dance on a specific location, such as Venetian Masquerade or An Evening in Paris.

Valentine’s Day Dance Example

  • If you chose a traditionally themed Valentine’s Day Dance, be sure to include the expected decor. No matter what kind of Valentine’s theme you choose, remember that it’s about building ambiance to enhance the mood. The color palette will be red, pink and white. You have the option to also choose 2 out of the 3 colors.

    Include roses. Utilize red roses in your centerpiece, either a romantic single rose or a vase filled with a dozen roses, depending on the appropriate scale and size of the tables.

    Hang twinkle lights throughout the room for a festive and romantic glow. If you’re allowed to, light candles. You can also find fake candles. A dimly lit room with a lot of candles can instantly create an intensely romantic ambiance. Another centerpiece idea can include a beautifully designed group of candles.

    Fill candy bowls or martini glasses with candy hearts. Drink champagne beverages from champagne flutes. Include doilies as an accent. Have a statue or cardboard cutout of the most iconic symbol for Valentine’s Day: Cupid.

    Hang hearts on the wall. Hang red or pink streamers. Have balloons in your chosen colors, such as balloon clusters or a balloon archway at the entrance.

    To further heighten the ambiance, play romantic music. Though this may technically not be considered a piece of decor, it still counts toward the entire atmosphere of the dance. Play some Frank Sinatra, Etta James, and other artists known for romantic music.

    Have a dance floor available for slow dances. You can also hire a band that can play a list of romantic music to fit the mood.

    Have activities involving couples or meeting new people.

    Hire a social dance instructor that teaches partnership dance. This is a great way for people to switch partners and meet people.

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