Why We Love to Dance.. Acrobatics

ImageAt “A Step in Time” Dance, one of the most popular classes is Acrobatics! Students are introduced to the basics of acrobatics, including, but not limited to: cartwheels, back bends, limbers, hand stands, and head stands. Stretching and basic drills build technique, strength, and flexibility. It’s a great way for the your ladies to incorporate gymnastics into dance. Many of the girls consider this as one of their favorite classes. Acrobatics is rare to find in dance studios, making A Step in Time “A Step Ahead” of other local dance studios!


How Dancing Betters your Child’s Daily Life…

In today’s crazy lifestyle of the average American family, children are pulled in many directions and under a great deal of pressure. As dancers, we like to help promote a sense of routine, physical and mental health along with fun! At A Step in Time dance, we make sure our dancers are benefiting from their time in dance class. According to a study at Stanford University, “A major study added to the growing evidence that stimulating one’s mind by dancing can ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, much as physical exercise can keep the body fit.” Although we aren’t worried about our students having dementia, we know that this is a foundation that starts at a young age to build structure, passion and an overall healthy lifestyle. The best part about our day is watching the girls smiling at the end of class knowing they had fun and feel good about themselves. If they aren’t signed up already, make sure to check out the Fall Schedule! http://www.astepintimedance.com/schedule/fall

A Step in Time Dance Flash Mob a Success.

A Step in Time School of Dance


Calabasas Commons Flash Mob a Success!

 The girls from A Step in Time School of Dance bring the heat during their flash mob.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in May, groups of unsuspecting people eating lunch on the patios of restaurants were in the middle of a flash mob. It all went down at The Commons of Calabasas during the lunch time hours where families congregate to enjoy a bite in the sun. On that Saturday, families were treated with a surprise flash mob from the A Step In Time Dance team.

Dawn Smith-Theodore, the founder of A Step in Time School of Dance said, “The reaction from the bystanders was great, everyone was smiling and that made me love my job even more.” Larry Ellis, who was having lunch with his wife and young child said, “I didn’t know what was going on at first, but as more and more girls started dancing in sync, it was quite wonderful and caught me off guard. The girls did a great job with the dance routine.”

A Step in Time School of Dance students wanted a way to display their talents as a prominent dance school and decided to comprise a flash mob for their local neighbors. A Step In Time School of Dance is located in Calabasas, CA and is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education in all areas of dance for all ages. They offer combination classes for beginners to expose them to the different forms of dance. In addition to combination classes, they offer graded levels of tap, jazz, and ballet. They train students in the American Ballet Theatre Curriculum.

A Step in Time School of Dance is on Twitter @ASITDanceStudio and Facebook at Facebook.com/AStepInTimeSchoolofDanceStudio. The Flash Mob video can be found on Youtube.com/AStepInTimeStudio. For more information please visit, http://www.AStepInTimeDance.com or call (818) 880-8152.