A Star In the Making

We’ve all been there, you forget the choreography and freeze. You look at someone, try to remember the next step. Look at your teacher. Look at your mother. You’re drawing a blank. Well, if you’re anything like this little girl, you would just be tapping to the beat of your own drum.

She also forgot her choreography, but she didn’t let her inhibitions stop her from dancing just the way she wanted to. It’s probably the most adorable thing we’ve seen all week. We see a star in the making with this little one. Can’t you too? (Huffington Post)

What Happens When You Sync Beyoncé to an Ice Dancing Routine


If you are in any way similar to us, you are definitely turning your TV on any chance you get to watch a bit of Winter Olympics magic. Last weekend we saw U.S. Olympians Meryl Davis and Charlie White awe the Sochi crowd with their beautiful ice dancing performance. They won by nearly 7 points with their routine called “Scheherazade,” and it was nothing short of spectacular. But Twitter will be Twitter, and people will always find a way to make something more entertaining. Several users tweeted out requests for the duo to dance to Beyoncé instead of “boring old music.” And the folks at Buzzfeed complied. They simply played Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” in the background of their performance and it is amazing. Almost as if Meryl and Charlie had choreographed to Beyoncé’s song all along! (Buzzfeed)



Deep Thinking of the Day

We came across this video by THNKR and were really inspired. We were also dying to hear what you think about it and your opinion about Elizabeth Streb’s ideas. In this video Streb, an American choreographer, performer, and modern dance teacher, explains her idea of SLAM (Streb Lab for Action Mechanics). Streb has some wild ideas and a lot to say about movement, construction of spaces, and a bunch of other interesting things. Let us know what you guys think about it!


As some of you may know, we are extremely dedicated with providing you the best possible dance experience. At A Step in Time, we offer a well rounded dance education for all ages with a mix of combination classes as well as graded levels of jazz, tap and ballet. Located in Calabasas, our dance studio has trained students who have been accepted to major programs like the American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, as well as the Julliard School.Our students have also performed at some of the most amazing venues and events. The list includes The Sydney Olympics, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Disneyland and many others.

To see more of the work our students have presented, you can visit our website http://www.astepintimedance.com. There you can also find our schedule as well as our tuition rates. We also thought you guys might want to check out our girls’ Rockettes pre-show performance! Let us know what you guys think!

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!

We love watching dance movies almost as much as we love dancing itself. We can’t really remember what first lead us to watching this old dance classic but we can still remember the first we watched Dirty Dancing. Our eyes were glued to the screen and all we really wanted was for Baby and Johnny to land that dance move they trained so hard to perfect. If you haven’t seen the movie we recommend you do so, like right now! We learned a few of our dance moves from just watching Patrick Swayze. And yeah, maybe this is one of the reasons we wanted to learn how to dance like we do now!

We know a few people who liked Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, but we’re not so sure about that… Remember we always want to hear your opinion so don’t forget to let us know what you thought about these movies in the comment section below. Let us know if you learned any new dance moves!

Jungle Just Released a Music Video for “Platoon” and It Will Blow Your Mind


Jungle has graced us with the opportunity to meet six-year-old B-Girl Terra, and she is amazing. She single-handedly stars in the music video and captures your attention from the very first second. Watch her perform for the camera and land some moves that even older B-Boys and B-Girls can’t. She is on our recruit list along with little Ellen star, Heaven!

Did You Know…?

Dancing has been around since the beginning of time, so it really is no surprise to us that there are some really crazy facts about it out there! Here are a few we find really interesting and fun!

  1. First archaeological proof of dance comes from the 9 thousand year old cave paintings in India.

  2. Roughly 30 thousand people are employed by the UK’s dance industry today, maintaining around 200 dance companies!

  3. Today, professional dancers are regarded as elite athletes.

  4. Our so beloved tap-dance can be tracked down to the tribal dances of African slaves, who after arriving in North America presented it to the Westerners.

  5. Dance marathon competitions started as early as the 14th century!

  6. Breakdancing was first created as a “less lethal” form of fighting between warring Afican-American streets gangs in the 70s, in New York.

  7. Big shot movie stars like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley used tap-dancing to capture worldwide audiences in their films.

  8. Ancient Egyptians used dance as both a form of entertainment and religion.

  9. The first ballerina to wear pointe shoes was Marie Taglioni in 1832 in a ballet called “La Sylphide”

  10. Dancing is considered great physical exercise for all ages, and has been safely practiced from the ages of 2 to 102!

(Source: Dance Facts)


Make Your Resolutions Stick!

By now, many people have heard of Karen Cheng’s famous 2013 New Year’s resolution to learn how to dance.  Her viral YouTube videos documented her progress through the year, and now you can witness the remarkable progression throughout the year in one short time lapse clip.  Her secret?  In her interview with The Washington Post, she says that “instead of focusing on the goal, focus on the habit.”

This leaves us wondering, what can you do in a year if you really put your mind to it?  We would love to help you reach your dance goals in this next year here at A Step in Time, so check out this video, and get inspired!

While surfing the internet and visiting some of our favorite dance websites, we found a video of Heaven, a three-year-old girl dancing with her mother on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show. Only a minute into the video we were already in love with this adorable little girl and her amazing choreography to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” When asked by Ellen if she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up, Heaven simply answered “I already am one!” Heaven’s passion for dancing really just sums up how we feel about it too! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Heaven, but we do assure her she has a place at A Step in Time if she wants it!

Photographer Captures Dancers in Everyday Life Situations

Have you guys ever heard of photographer Jordan Matter? This guy is absolutely amazing and has gotten some very cool attention after he released one of his recent pieces that showcases dancers in everyday situations. He has since published a photography book called “Dancers Among Us” and we may just have to buy a copy.

Here is the link to his gallery,  where you can see a bunch of the photographs he took of dancers! http://www.dancersamongus.com/photos/Towson-MD-Rachel-Bell If you are interested in photography you can also check out his blog here, where he posts some of his work and thoughts. It is really worth a look.