The Beautiful Work of Pina Bausch Comes to Life in Movie

We recently just watched a 3D documentary on contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch and were completely blown out the water! “Pina” has received stellar reviews, some who named it the best use of 3D since “Avatar.” And as you can imagine, we liked this a lot better than “Avatar…”

“Pina” has been in the makings for 20 years, and after years of labor and conceptualizing it has finally come to life. The documentary is able to capture how Pina saw things through different eyes and choreographed movements human body didn’t seem capable of doing. Her passion towards the art really shows off in German director Wim Wender’s product.

Unfortunately Pina was unable to see the finished product herself. She unexpectedly passed away in 2009, just two days before rehearsals for the film started. Wenders was devastated and almost ended the project, however Pina’s dancers convinced him to continue.

“Pina” is available for instant stream on Netflix, but we really recommend seeing it in 3D!


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